Your Planning Application has been approved and you have satisfied the
requirements of Building Control. Now for the construction phase of your project.
Why Employ A Project Manager.

Poor Planning leads to Poor Performance and additional Cost, FACT!
Within our twenty years experience in Project Managing, we highly recommend
you Employ a Project Manager BEFORE commencing work on site. It will almost
certainly save on time, but more importantly than that, it will save you MONEY,
Domestic Project Management Services.
Tender Package's

Tendering Package. This can be used by a householder who feels they may be able
to undertake the managing of the project themselves and they have the time to
do so.
The Tendering process is one of the first processes and can take time if not
conducted properly. This is where costs can be gratefully saved or lost.
We recommend that 3 Quotations are obtained before making your choice.
Electronic & Hard copies of the letter of invitation to tender.
JCT 'form of contract'.
We will then run through the whole process with you and advise you on all
quotations received. We can also aid you with the completion of the contract
between yourself and your nominated main contractor.
Full Project Management of your Project from Inception through to Completion.

We can manage the whole Tendering process & construction phase of
the project for you.